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I visited the Anantara Thai Spa today, it was busy but I was treated very well and the staff was excellent. Finally, the massage itself was quite soothing. Thank you Anantara Thai Spa for a good evening

Sandya Rani

Best thai spa in vizag. And the experience of thaipest was excellent.And behavaiour was very polite. Really a good experience

Ashok Yadav

I suggest everyone to visit anantara thai spa, it has various massages i am sure i will visit again,it is the best spa near me.

Gurram Ramana

Last week i went to anantara thai spa it was a bit busy but they received me very well and their staff was so good. finally coming to the massage it was very relaxing. Thanks to anantara thai spa.

Manohar Dasari

I’ve been to spa’s all over the city and this was the best spa in vizag. The environment is very relaxing, the people are friendly and they know what they’re doing. They have a variety of spa services.

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